Blossoms and baubles

I'm not often a pillow person, but I do think this fabric pattern would be great in pillow form! How did I create it?

Half of this design started as an Illustrator file. I created one circle, then another, and another. Resizing the circles and lining them up vertically produced this four-tier design. Duplicating things is easy as well, so I made a bunch of the circle groups. I recolored some darker and some lighter.

The flowers were a completely different story. I began by searching for wood anemones in Wikimedia Commons ( ). You can learn more about Wikimedia Commons in a separate blog post.

After creating a series of anemones in Illustrator, I erased the majority of each petal and only kept the outline that identified the shape as a flower. This created a lot of open space I could use for stacking the flowers on top of each other.

Next came a lot of Photoshop magic, resizing of circle groups, application of a few special effects filters, addition of the flowers, and colorizing, and I landed on this design. It's wildly unusual with its texture right down to champagne-like bubbles, and I love it.

Happy designing!

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