How I learn fabric pattern design

Updated: May 29, 2021

While I taught Photoshop and Illustrator for over 20 years, I had no idea how to create a fabric pattern, much less a repeating pattern. When the student is ready, the master will appear.

I clicked on a Facebook ad for Rachelle Holowko's Pattern to Product Master Class. It was the right training at the right moment. But beyond training, Rachelle is also an encourager and masterful guide through both pattern design and the business of selling designs. I couldn't be more grateful for her services.

Please note that if you do sign up through my link above, I will receive a small commission. Because I believe in the services and training provided by Rachelle, I'm pleased to act as an affiliate for Pattern to Product.

I love Rachelle's critiques of my work, as they make my designs better than I ever could on my own. The Pattern to Product community is alive and well on Facebook, and the monthly live one-hour sessions with Rachelle are always informative. If you're interested in learning pattern design, I encourage you to use the link above to learn more.

Feel free to email me at to ask any questions you have about my experiences with Pattern to Product.

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