• Katie Stern

Julia's eye for photographs

I've been accepted into this September's virtual surface pattern show, Blue Print Live, so I'm in full preparation mode. Because I have a strong photographic background, I chose to do some of the photography and select my models. One model was able to travel to my home town, but the other (Julia Edbrooke, above) lives and works in Madison, about 100 miles away.

Julia is a former student of mine, and she has since started her own photography business. She also does a wonderful job of taking her own photographs with a camera, tripod, and timer. I asked Julia to take photos of my scarves in her own style of imaging, giving her as few prompts as I could to see what she could do. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Thank you, Julia! You do great work!

You can find more of Julia's work at https://www.photographybyjewel.com/.

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