They're here! Tea towels of loons, water lilies, and water are available at my Spoonflower store. These designs were inspired by my memories of loons on Wisconsin's Northwoods lakes. If you have memories of camping, canoeing, birding, or fishing anywhere in the Northwoods, these designs will bring back those memories for you.

Spoonflower's tea towels are a cotton-linen blend and are 16" x 24". If you're thinking about holiday gifts, please note that tea towels take up to 4 weeks to arrive at your door. By following the links below, you'll be ordering directly through Spoonflower.

Here is a link to my first design, a family of loons in periwinkle hue, and you'll find a link to the same family in a blue hue as well. Take your pick!

Periwinkle hue loon family:

Blue hue loon family:


When I created these designs, I showed them to several people and received valuable feedback. Some preferred the sky to be solid fog, so I created the following designs as well. And again, I created versions in both periwinkle and blue. Here are both links to where you can purchase the tea towels in my Spoonflower store:


Periwinkle hue of loons and fog:

Blue hue of loons and fog:


I love the water lilies tea towels as much as I do the loon family! It takes a sunny, calm day to see reflections on the lake, so I built that beautiful day into this design. Again, these tea towels take 4 weeks to arrive after ordering, and they're offered in both periwinkle and blue hues. Choose your favorite!

Periwinkle hue of water lilies:

Blue hue of water lilies:


Water on a lake can be mesmerizing, and that's what I love about the Northwoods. In these tea towels I captured the motion of the water. You can almost hear the waves along the shore! It brings back memories of fishing, camping, canoeing, kayaking, or even just relaxing on your vacation. Available in two hues, these Spoonflower tea towels take 4 weeks for delivery to your door. Enjoy!

Periwinkle hue water:

Blue hue water:

I'd love your feedback!

This is my first venture into tea towels, so I'd love to get your feedback on these designs. Are they fun? Do you want to see more? Feel free to browse through my design gallery and let me know which designs you'd like to see on a tea towel. You can reach me at Thanks!